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edX MicroBachelors are relatively affordable ($450 to $1,500), bite-sized versions of an undergraduate bachelor’s degree program.
Students earn real, transferable college credits for completing them online, so they can build towards a full bachelor’s degree or show they’re credentialed to employers.
The programs are designed to help students build marketable skills and were created using insights from Fortune 1000 companies to encompass skills currently needed in the workforce.
You can find answers to FAQs about edX MicroBachelors programs below.
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edX, a nonprofit created by Harvard and MIT, has inventive and flexible online education offerings that are finding newfound traction in the absence of many modes of traditional in-person education.

For instance, edX offers affordable, mini versions of undergraduate and graduate courses and programs. You can take a portion of a bachelor’s or master’s degree online and, in exchange, earn real, transferable credits.

Both edX’s MicroBachelors and MicroMasters programs are entirely online and a fraction of the traditional cost of higher education credits. Students can use them as standalone qualifications on resumes and portfolios or as stackable stepping stones towards a full degree.

The MicroBachelors programs were created by universities like NYU, Arizona State University, Rice University, and more in topics like marketing essentials, elements of data science, professional writing, computer science fundamentals, and information technology career framework.

These initial programs were influenced by job …read more

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