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Whether your store is closed or just starting to reopen, now is a great time to pivot your business to handle more online sales.
You can do business from anywhere with the right tools to process and ship orders and a digital strategy to reach customers.
Pitney Bowes offers resources and products to help small businesses.

If you’re a small-business owner, being forced to close your brick-and-mortar shop during the COVID-19 pandemic might feel like the end of your livelihood. But while it’s easy to mourn the loss of cash generated by walk-in sales, these challenging times are the perfect opportunity to upgrade your business plan by adding to or enhancing its e-commerce capabilities.

There are numerous benefits to setting up your retail business to accommodate customers who are doing the majority of their shopping online during the quarantine economy. Online sales have increased 49% since the start of the pandemic, and it looks like this trend will continue.

With many nonessential US retail stores closed or operating at a limited capacity, businesses with the greatest chance of survival will likely be the ones that capitalize on their ability to capture virtual orders. Here’s how to update your operations, digital strategy, and communication so you can keep doing business.

Set up your business for e-commerce

Make sure you’re prepared to fulfill more online orders, whether you’re in the store or at home. This includes inventory tracking, equipping your employees with the tools and software they need to help you handle orders, and making sure your space is organized. You’ll also want to find new ways to motivate your employees — that includes yourself.

Pick one or two metrics to measure your success in the new world. If you’re shipping orders as a retailer, those terms might …read more

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