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TaxSlayer is a tax preparation company that offers four plans: Simply Free, Classic, Premium, and Self-Employed.
The Simply Free plan is just that — free. You can file simple federal and state returns for $0 if your tax situation is basic.
TaxSlayer is a good option for people who are already comfortable with the e-filing process, since it can be difficult to skip around on the website and to access certain customer service features.
Use TaxSlayer to file your simple state and federal returns for free »

Filing your taxes can be a bit like your first trip to the gym — you don’t want to spend the money, you aren’t sure how everything works, and you keep putting it off. But if you use the right equipment, the process isn’t as terrible as you expected.

TaxSlayer is a tax preparation company for people filing their taxes online from home. But does it include the right equipment for your tax needs?

Table of ContentsWho should use TaxSlayer?

You might like filing with TaxSlayer if you:

Want a plan that is free for both federal and state returns
Qualify for the free plan and want to import prior years’ tax returns
Want a free plan that covers education credits and the student loan interest deduction
Don’t qualify for a free plan, but still value budget filing options
Are already familiar with e-filing your taxes, so a mediocre user interface and limited customer support doesn’t deter you
Need to skip around in the e-filing process

You might not like filing with TaxSlayer if you:

Value an easy-to-use interface over affordability
Want to use live chat or contact an expert without paying to upgrade

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4.56 out of 5
Review summary

TaxSlayer is cheaper than competing tax software and is best for people who either have a simple tax situation or are already …read more

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