For those who eschew traditional gender norms when it comes to their wardrobe, finding clothing that fits properly can be challenging.
Clothing brands are slowly catching on to the demand for more gender-neutral, gender-nonconforming, and gender-inclusive options. These are our top picks for the best gender-inclusive brands.
Our top pick, Wildfang, produces stylish, diverse, and comfortable clothes from workwear to suiting that prioritize masculine and gender-neutral styles for those with feminine body types.

I’ve used a lot of adjectives to describe my style over the years including but not limited to: queer, butch, androgynous, gender nonconforming, masculine, etc. But finding clothes that both fit my body and my style has been difficult. In college, my Google search history was littered with searches for “best lesbian clothes” or “best butch styles” and “unisex clothing brands,” but there were so few options out there that I ended up empty-handed most of the time. So I spent a long time piecing together a wardrobe from men’s styles that happened to fit my curves and women’s styles that weren’t too frilly or feminine.

But slowly over time, clothing brands have started to catch on to those of us who exist beyond the gender binary or simply want to eschew traditionally masculine or feminine clothing options. In the past few years, a ton of gender-neutral, gender-nonconforming, and gender-inclusive brands have popped up online. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites below.

Gender inclusivity can mean so many things to so many people. For me, it means more masculine styles that fit my traditionally female body type. Those are the brands I’ve focused on here.

Here are the best gender-inclusive clothing brands:
Best overall: Wildfang
Best workwear: Kirrin Finch
Best for the widest range of body types: GFW Clothing
Best casual wear:

Source:: Business Insider


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