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Florida is reporting more COVID-19 cases than ever before: more than 5,000 a day for a week straight, as of Monday.
Fewer than 5% of those tested in May were found to have COVID 19; today the number is three times that, hitting a 7-day average of just under 16%.
“When everything started to open up and ease up, then our volume picked up,” Dr. Mark Supino, an emergency medicine physician at Jackson Health System in Miami, told Business Insider.
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Eight weeks back, Florida was hailed by conservative media and politicians as a model for addressing the coronavirus pandemic, showing that there was no need to shut down a state for months to ride out the first wave of the coronavirus.

Gov. Ron DeSantis, a former military prosecutor and Republican congressman, was all but saying: I told you so. And his allies were singing his praise.

“He’s done a spectacular job,” US President Donald Trump said at a joint news conference in April, as The Washington Post reported in a story on the apparent victory of business as usual. “He’s going to be opening up large portions [of the economy], and ultimately pretty quickly because he’s got great numbers in all of Florida.”

By early May, Florida restaurants were once again entertaining guests, and the governor’s office was boasting.

“He’s not doing it the way Cuomo is doing it,” a spokesperson, Helen Ferré, told the Tampa Bay Times on May 4, referring to the Democratic governor of New York. “He’s doing it the conservative way.”

Weeks later, the numbers have changed. While New York has overcome the first surge of COVID-19, reporting 624 new cases on June 28 — down from a high of more than 10,000 a day — Florida is reporting more cases than …read more

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