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Airbnb launched Airbnb Plus in 2018 to highlight listings vetted in-person by a third-party inspector for the highest levels of style, design, and hospitality.
We break down the benefits of Airbnb Plus listings, how they’re vetted, and if they cost more.
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When it comes to homes listed on Airbnb, the offerings can certainly be a mixed bag. On the same platform where you can rent a renovated lighthouse or Tyler Perry’s former mansion, you’ll also find small, drab rooms and even the occasional scam.

Similarly, the hosts can range from Superhosts who go above and beyond to uninvolved third parties. Of course, savvy travelers know to be vigilant when it comes to checking ratings and reading past guest reviews before booking and to check other home booking sites too, but even the most seasoned Airbnb users can find themselves checking into a run-down home when they were hoping for a sophisticated stay.

Plus, not everyone has time to devote hours to sifting through hundreds of listings and reading multiple reviews to compare every potential stay. For travelers who want the guarantee of hotel-quality design and hospitality, Airbnb Plus is the answer.

Airbnb Plus was officially launched by Airbnb in 2018 to highlight the bonafide creme de la creme of Airbnb listings, homes renowned for designer aesthetics, magazine-worthy style, and thoughtful amenities provided by hosts for a next-level stay.

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