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Jon Rainwater instructs safety drivers for Waymo Via, the self-driving company’s freight and deliveries unit.
He enjoyed a lively career before joining Waymo in 2019 — early on as an Army intelligence analyst, and later transporting hazardous waste and driving trucks for many years.
His exposure to the dangerous side of trucking convinced him that there had to a better way, so he was ready to become a Waymonaut when the job became available.
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Editor’s note: For an ongoing series, Business Insider has been talking with Waymo employees from different parts of the company to learn more about their work. What we discovered were some of the coolest jobs at Alphabet, Waymo’s parent company. This is the latest profile in the series. To read the others, click here. For a brief history of Waymo, click here.

The most remarkable thing about Waymo, Alphabet’s autonomous transportation spinoff once known as the Google Car project, isn’t that it has developed vehicles that can drive themselves. Rather, it’s the vast range of people, from all walks of life, who are tackling the challenge.

Take Jon Rainwater, for example. In the late 1970s, as he put it in an interview with Business Insider, the former Army intelligence analyst was “watching the Russians.”

After Rainwater left the service, he attended Lewis & Clark College in Oregon, but later gravitated toward staffing armored cars, with the Federal Reserve as a client. That was decades ago, but his life already had the makings of a Thomas Pynchon novel. He was, at the very least, keeping things interesting.

It got even more interesting when he decided to get a Class A truck-driver’s license. Rainwater borrowed a truck, practiced on his own, and passed his tests as a self-taught student. But work …read more

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