David eason on the land

So you know how Jenelle Evans does that whole thing where she picks seriously questionable (at best) men to have children with.

Andrew Lewis, Jace’s father, has never been around.

Nathan Griffith, Kaiser’s father, has been arrested numerous times for things like DUIs and domestic violence.

And David Eason, Ensley’s father … well, he’s in a class all by himself.

David has been arrested and investigated multiple times just in the time he’s been with Jenelle, and it’s all been very bad and scary and horrible.

And now Nathan has some new information about David that somehow makes him seem even worse, which really shouldn’t be possible.

Buckle up, because this is a rough one …

1. Ugh

So David isn’t a good guy, right? Like, at all.

2. So Many Arrests

Before he even met Jenelle, he’d been arrested for things like breaking and entering, driving while impaired, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

3. Oh No

He had two children with two other women when they started dating, and one of the women got a restraining order against him for her and their son after accusing him of domestic violence.

4. It Gets Worse

And this may be hard to believe, but Jenelle didn’t make him a better person.

5. Horrifying

A couple of years ago, Jenelle called 911 after David pushed her down so hard she thought he broke her collarbone. She later claimed that it was a misunderstanding, and nothing happened to David.

6. Wow

A couple of months after that, she called 911 again after they got into an argument — she’d locked him out of the house and he destroyed the door trying to get back inside. Again, nothing came of this.

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