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The UK government is expected to announce that from Saturday it will finally be legal in the UK to hire an electric scooter and ride it on public roads.
The UK Department for Transport (DfT) will this week publish its legal framework for allowing pilots of e-scooter rental schemes to get underway.
While electric scooters have become common in many European cities, they have remained illegal in the UK.
The UK government announced in May that it was fast-tracking the legalization of scooters due to the coronavirus pandemic creating a greater need for alternatives to public transport.
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The UK is clearing way for electric scooters.

The Department for Transport (DfT) is expected to publish a legal framework for e-scooter rental companies to start running their services in cities.

Although rental scooters have become a common sight in many European cities, pre-existing traffic laws and vehicle restrictions stopped scooter companies from launching fully in the UK.

The new framework is expected to allow rental scooter users to use the road and cycle lanes, set a speed limit of 15 mph, and would not require that riders wear a helmet by law.

Business Insider understands the new framework won’t technically allow privately owned scooters on the roads, although they will continue to be permitted on private land.

Over 50 councils and regional authorities have applied to take part in the official trial.

Scooter companies have been lobbying the British government for years to amend the law to let scooter go on the road.

The Department of Transport had already been consulting on legalizing electric scooters, but sped up the process in response to the coronavirus. The government is trying to avoid an influx of crowds onto public transport after lockdown, instead encouraging alternative methods of transport such as cycling, walking, and — now — …read more

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