The Best Reopening Travel Deals Across the Country 4X3

Travel can be notoriously expensive, but there are easy and unexpected ways you can cut down on costs.
From using an Amazon account to save on renting a car to earning free flight miles by staying at an Airbnb, these tips and tricks will help your hard-earned dollars go farther.
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There’s no way around it — travel can be expensive. Even basic trips require flights, hotels, or vacation rentals, and that’s before you consider the money spent on dining out and seeing local sights. And sure, you can stay with friends or family to cut down on costs, but you still have to get where you’re going. Even if you opt for a road trip, car rentals and gas aren’t free.

Due to the effects of COVID-19, jobs are up in the air, workers have been furloughed, and money is tight for many households. That means keeping to a tight budget and saving on future vacation plans is of particular importance for many Americans.

There are many well-known tricks of the trade for saving on travel from booking flights at off-peak times to signing up for credit cards that will help you earn free hotel stays.

But there are also some unexpected ways you can save on the next trip that you might not know about. From leveraging an Amazon account to save on car rentals to earning flight miles for any stay at an Airbnb, use these simple hacks when booking a vacation to make sure you’re not leaving any money on the table.

Read on for 7 unexpected ways to save on travel.
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