Britney spears begging fans to help her escape her fathers contr

For most of her adult life, Britney Spears has been under the control of a conservatorship that denies her many of the basic freedoms enjoyed by most grownups.

By court order, Britney is unable to make any major decisions regarding her vast fortune or the welfare of her children without consulting a team overseers headed by her father.

The arrangement has been in place since the time of Spears’ well-publicized breakdown back in 2007, but it’s been back in the news in recent months for a number of reasons.

For starters, Britney faced off against her father in court in an effort to end the conservatorship.

Her efforts were in vain, as the judge ruled against her, but the appeal process is already underway (more on that later).

The other reason the pop icon has been making tabloid headlines for the past three months is that fans are convinced Britney has been sending coded messages to her fans through her Instagram page.

These are the same people who believe that Spears is being held captive by her conservators, and is not even allowed to leave the house without permission and supervision.

It sounds crazy, but there’s reason to believe they might be on to something.

All summer, Britney seemed to subtly seemed to respond to prompts from fans who asked her to wear yellow or talk about flowers in her next post if she was in danger.

Now, the singer has posted a series of videos in which she works her way through new dance routines, and fans are convinced they’re witnessing yet another cry for help.

“This is my next project “Just a Touch of Red“ …. get it …. RED ROSE? Ps way more of RED to COME … my hair will get a little wilder and my body a little sweatier,” Spears captioned one such clip.

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Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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