Ellen Pompeo on Season 17

We hope you’re sitting down for this one, Grey’s Anatomy fans.


Because just over a week since truly stunning television viewers everywhere with one unexpected return… we have a reason to believe this series may soon do it again.

On the Season 17 premiere, Patrick Dempsey came back as Derek Shepherd.

We still can’t believe that sentence is accurate.

But the opening episode ended with Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith collapsing in a parking lot… due to COVID-19 we later learned… and being transported in her mind to a beach.

At the other end of that beach? Her late husband.

Dempsey also appeared on this week’s installment and is likely to reprise his role as McDreamy on at least one more installment.

Might he only be the first past character to appear in the present, though? Might another soon be on the way?

On Thursday, November 19, Pompeo fueled rumors that Katherine Heigl — who left the show in 2010 after playing Izzie Stevens for the first six seasons — could conceivably be next.

Crazy, right?

“Hey it’s Grey’s day!!!” Pompeo Tweeted, however, alongside a GIF showing her and Heigl’s characters together in a season three episode.

Naturally, fans freaked out in response, speculating, as one person tweeted, “IZZIE COMING BACK??”

“Hey… could you hint us who’s next on the beach?” another person tweeted, to which Pompeo replied:


Unlike Derek, of course, Izzie was not killed off Grey’s Anatomy.

The character was written off afterr Heigl insulted the program’s writers, as she actress departed under pretty bitter circumstances.

But that was a long time ago — and Dempsey made it clear in his own post-return interviews that time can heal almost all wounds.

Salivating over Pompeo’s post, another user wrote, “IS IT GEORGE…we gotta wait 2 mf weeks??? I can’t.”

Pompeo wrote back: “That @ABCNetwork promo department are messing with y’all in a major way …read more

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