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The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a surge of investment in education startups, as millions of students young and old around the world are forced to learn from home under lockdown. 

Even before the virus forced much of the world to shift to remote learning, global investment in the sector hit a staggering $18 billion. Now even more cash is being thrown at “edtech” startups, as demonstrated by SoftBank’s $200 million bet on Scandinavian firm Kahoot. 

Business Insider asked some of the best known venture capitalists from across Europe to each name two outstanding edtech firms – one in their portfolio and one outside – on the continent. 

Check out their responses below: 


Cited by: Mathias Ockenfels, partner at Speedinvest

In the Speedinvest portfolio? Yes

Total raised: $20 million

What it does: “CoachHub offers employees personalized coaching sessions to support them in their professional development, and to help them thrive in their current organization. In addition, CoachHub also offers an app that allows employees to engage in additional learning and development at their own pace.”

Why it’s hot in 2020: “Prior to COVID-19, CoachHub was already a great offering, but now employees are finding CoachHub to be an especially great tool to navigate their development amid the current situation.”

Skiller Whale

Cited by: Mathias Ockenfels, partner at Speedinvest

In the Speedinvest portfolio? No

Total raised: $1 million

What it does: “Skiller Whale provides a live learning platform for tech teams that offers targeted lessons directly to employees, and we’ve been really excited by their work from afar.

“Their learning plans are personalized for individual team members, based on detailed skill assessments of their learning needs, and the lessons themselves make use of experts in the relevant languages and topics alongside challenging exercises.”

Why it’s hot in 2020: “We think this engaging and meaningful model of digital training is just what teams need, especially in our current world …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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