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Einride created the Pod, an autonomous electric heavy cargo transport vehicle.

There are, of course, other automakers and startups venturing into the autonomous cargo delivery segment. However, according to  Einride’s CEO and founder Robert Falck, unlike other companies, Einride’s Pods are “customer and use-tailored.”

“What sets us apart is our full-scale approach to sustainable autonomous freight development that’s based on the needs of our customers, allowing us to tailor these solutions for real-world use,” Falck wrote to Business Insider in an email interview.  “We believe the strongest business case is to remove the driver from the vehicle to operate it remotely, and operate only with electric drivetrains to improve sustainability and reduce costs.”

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And unlike other makers, the Sweden-based company’s Pod is the world’s first electric autonomous transport vehicle to be driven on public roads, according to its maker.

According to Einride, the Pod lineup and the company’s “Freight Mobility Platform” offers several benefits, such as a slash in emissions and operational costs, and an increase in safety. The use of Einride’s Pod and platform — which will be available in US — also provides a 200% productivity boost compared to the diesel vehicles that companies use today, according to Einride.

Reservations are now open for the autonomous electric transport (AET) vehicles, which can be be mass produced and “commercialized.”

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According to Einride, the exterior design and its rounded edges make the vehicle aerodynamic without decreasing its interior storage capacity.

“We designed the Pod from the ground up to present the best possible business …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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