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You don’t have to be reaching retirement or earn a six-figure income to hire a financial planner — almost anyone can benefit from their help. 
In some situations, they’re especially valuable. If you have money questions you can’t answer, or need help understanding a certain topic, working with a financial planner could provide simple answers. 
Younger people saving for retirement could benefit from financial planning to make sure they’re on track for retirement and other goals.
Financial planners could be especially helpful for anyone who’s self-employed, and can help with everything from budgeting on an inconsistent income to paying quarterly taxes. 
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Financial planning involves a lot of work. If you’re not an expert, a financial planner could be an invaluable asset. 

A financial planner could be your go-to person for all of your questions about investing, keep you accountable for working towards goals, and helping your money grow. Almost anyone can get a lot of value from financial planning and advising, but if you’re younger, you still might not feel like it’s critical.

If you’re thinking about getting a financial planner but aren’t sure it’s the right time, there are three signs you should go for it.

1. You don’t know much about managing money, and don’t have the time to learn it all yourself

Managing money isn’t always simple, and it can be tough to learn quickly. Especially for busy young professionals, it can be hard to make the time you need to learn how to make a budget and a financial plan. Hiring a financial planner can help you get it done. 

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