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What if a city bench could provide a place not just to sit but also to breathe a little easier? That’s the idea behind CityTree, a 14-foot-high moss-covered, energy-efficient bench and air purifier that is popping up in cities throughout Europe and Asia. The ingenious piece of urban furniture uses the natural ability of living moss to bind with fine particles and remove them from the air — up to 82% of them — and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to measure and adjust its performance in real time.

CityTree is the brainchild of Peter Sänger, 29, a horticulturalist, entrepreneur, and the CEO of Green City Solutions. He first became passionate about fighting air pollution when traveling across the cities of Europe as a young man. “Cities are the living space of the future and have many benefits,” he says. “However, healthy air is not one of them in many places.” 

Sänger, who comes from a family of horticulturalists, knows what he’s talking about. Air pollution kills about 7 million people around the world every year, according to the World Health Organization. In places where air-quality levels exceed WHO limits, those fine particles in the air penetrate deep into the lungs and cardiovascular system, causing everything from strokes and heart disease to lung cancer and pneumonia. 

Today, 91% of the world’s population lives in such places. 

Bringing nature to the city

Sänger learned about the purifying effects of various kinds of plants — particularly moss — as a student of horticulture and business management at Dresden University in Germany. “That’s what got me excited — finding that the solution to air pollution can only emerge in combination with nature,” he says. “After all, nature has millions of years …read more

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