Natalie mordovtseva were preparing for our ceremony

90 Day Fiance Season 8 ends its official run with Episode 17.

So many storylines are now wrapped up.

Mike and Natalie decided to try a new wedding at the very last minute.

Stephanie, now home in Michigan, burns Ryan’s visa application … and makes big plans with Harris.

Andrew spoonfeeds his mother and sister his version of events while Amira, safely in France, cries and processes the end of their relationship.

Yara and Jovi prepare for their own wedding day in Vegas.

But then, there’s a twist — another full hour of footage after Yara and Jovi’s wedding.

We see them separated for months when the pandemic kept Jovi abroad.

And then Jovi returns to a very pregnant Yara and we see them welcome their perfect baby girl.

1. Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva

Second time’s the charm? It is once again the morning of Natalie’s wedding to MIke.

2. And not a moment too soon.

A lot of couples waited until the last minute this season for something that truly cannot wait. Natalie and Mike took that to new extremes, marrying on the literal last day.

3. Natalie had to improvise a “wedding dress”

Earlier this season, she modeled in a gorgeous wedding dress, but did not buy it out of uncertainty. That was smart. She’s wearing a white summer dress and looks beautiful.

4. There’s still some uncertainty

Their last wedding day was a disaster, and obviously did not include them actually getting married. Will today be any different?

5. That’s up to Mike

Mike’s cold feet turned to ice just two days earlier. Once again, everything depends upon him.

6. The officiant was there

This woman has Big Sorceress Energy to the point where I like to imagine that she was simply summoned out of the pond. Sincerely, her look rocks.

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