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Today: A full-time graduate student finds peace in daily dog walks, meditations, and quick workouts.

Age: 24
Location: Seymour, CT
Occupation: Grad student
Salary: Roughly $2,400/month from unemployment benefits

This diary was written in October 2020.

Day One

9 a.m. — After I woke up and gave my dog some cuddles, I did my skincare routine (wash, tone, serums, and ending with SPF even though I’m going to be inside for the next few hours!) and filled up my big water bottle to know how much water I should drink. I do this every morning to start my day and it gives me a sense of stability and control. During the pandemic, I have become very passionate about taking care of my skin and trying to heal past damage. I like to finish my 48-ounce water bottle within an hour of waking up.

Then, I made some mushroom coffee so I don’t get too jittery, but I do get a nice boost of energy. I use the KOS Sippin’ on Shroom Boom Mushroom Coffee mix, which usually lasts me around a month since I don’t drink it every day. I also added a scoop of Further Foods Marine Collagen Peptides in my coffee for all the amazing health benefits (skin, nails, hair, gut, etc). I always feel more alive and ready to start my tasks of the day after this.

1:30 p.m. — I took a break from working on my computer and to take my dog for a walk. It felt really good to get up and stretch my legs and I was happy to let …read more

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