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Remote work existed long before the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, but 2020 made it a “normal” part of life. As a result, workers are no longer tied to a specific location, and many are taking advantage of that fact to pursue lifestyles that weren’t feasible pre-pandemic. 

For some, that meant moving away from urban centers and settling in quieter or more affordable cities. Others opted for adventure and traveled to countries and territories that haven’t closed their borders or provided special exemptions for foreign remote workers, self-employed freelancers, and entrepreneurs. 

As countries look to recover their economies, more and more have started to provide remote work visas to boost economic activities.

These programs vary in costs and eligibility. Some, like Iceland, are targeting higher-income professionals with a minimum monthly income requirement of 1,000,000 ISK — which equates to just under $8,000 a month and $96,000 a year. 

Others, like Bermuda, haven’t set a prescriptive income threshold. The Work From Bermuda certificate only requires that applicants “have substantial means and/or a continuous source of income,” and is open to university students in addition to remote workers and the self-employed.  

Workers who’ve followed this path shared their experiences with Insider, from how they chose their destinations to the process behind securing their visas and permits to their plans for the immediate future. 

A relief from working from home 

Abbie Sheppard, 26, was at her parents’ residence in London when the UK first went into lockdown. 

She’s no stranger to remote working, having done so before the pandemic as the chief of staff to the COO of US-based video-sharing website Cameo. Although she started working in their head office in Chicago, visa restrictions dictated that she return to the UK, and she’s been remote since September 2018. 

But like many others, she wasn’t used to …read more

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