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Meet Peter Meijer, a brash Republican who voted to impeach Trump
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1. THE INSIDER PROFILE: Rep. Peter Meijer was sworn into Congress just days before the Capitol riot. Then in one of his first votes, he opted to impeach the president, joining nine other Republicans in a historic break from the party line. Meijer soon bought body armor as death threats escalated over his perceived disloyalty — even months later, the state GOP chair has mused about a possible assassination. Now, Meijer wants to save the GOP from falling off the cliff. Insider traveled to his district to hear more from this outspoken Republican.

Here’s a peek at our in-depth profile:

While some question his motive, Meijer stands behind his impeachment vote: The congressman said it had weighed on him that he occupied the seat once held by President Gerald Ford. The same Ford who remains defined by his decision to pardon Richard Nixon after the Watergate scandal.

But Meijer sees a key difference: “I mean, I think that, to me, the operative distinction there was that Ford pardoned Nixon after Nixon resigned and accepted responsibility. And there was no such acceptance of responsibility in any way, shape, or form by the president for the events leading up to January 6 and the failure to respond on the sixth.”

Being a Meijer in western Michigan is an …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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