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A few weeks ago, my inbox suddenly started filling up with inquiries about my dating profile and coaching services, prompted by the combination of warmer weather and the COVID-19 vaccine rollouts. 

While everyone who’s spent the past year at home alone is eager to make up for lost time, those on the vaccination priority list — the 65+ age group and those with pre-existing medical conditions — are like bulls rushing out of the gate ready to get back into the dating arena.

These days, ‘vaccinated’ is the hottest detail you can add to your dating app bio. 

Now I see vaccine status updates on every three to four profiles out there. It’s become a badge of honor as well as a great conversation starter.

People are not only mentioning they’ve been vaccinated, they’re also going into detail as to which vaccine they got and whether they’re half or fully vaccinated. Some even include an eye-catching 💉 emoji. 

Sharing these types of details has become an easy way to convert a conversation to the next stage of the dating process. It’s truly become the ultimate pre-pandemic icebreaker to say, “Oh, look at us, we’re both vaccinated, we should go out and celebrate.” 

As research continues to emerge regarding whether or not the vaccines fully prevent transmission of the virus, many singles still view someone who’s been vaccinated as a safer option.

The bottom line is if they’ve got two choices to date — between the unvaccinated, meaning a date who can pass on COVID-19, and the vaccinated, someone who likely won’t — it’s pretty obvious who looks like a more attractive candidate.

People are eager to date again without the fear they might wind up on a ventilator.

Safety isn’t the only factor though. People also want to make the best use of their time.

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