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Here’s what we’re talking about:

A very DC diversion is this anonymous Instagram account
Bill and Melinda Gates are ending their 27-year marriage
Rep. Liz Cheney is in hot water with some fellow Republicans, again

One thing to look out for today: Facebook’s so-called Supreme Court is expected to issue its decision on whether former President Donald Trump should remain barred from the platform.

1. ANOTHER SIDE OF DC: In the aftermath of January 6, when a mob of pro-Trump rioters stormed the Capitol and traumatized their city, a few Washingtonians took it upon themselves to try to help catch some of the insurrectionists. Their efforts to “catfish” rioters on dating apps before reporting them to the feds drew national headlines. Such exploits were also prominently displayed on an anonymously run Instagram account called Overheard District.

Insider caught up with the manager of DC’s version of the pandemic breakout hit DeuxMoi.

Here’s a peek at the conversation:

The account started in 2019, but the pandemic grew the community around the account: “So everyone was kinda looking for relatable lighthearted content, and it created an opening for the platform to provide content that was entertaining and engaging,” the manager, who asked to remain anonymous, told Insider.

Washingtonians also submitted the best and worst dating profiles to the account: One overheard gem was: “I’m sorry but he’s the same age as AOC. There’s no excuse for him to not have his shit together.”

But more than comic relief, Overheard offered a place for the community to gather: The account …read more

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