Jenelle Evans Video Snapshot

Jenelle Evans makes it very hard to feel bad for her at times.

Okay, at almost all times.

But if we’re gonna be real? And sympathetic? And try to imagine how the former Teen Mom 2 star must be feeling at the moment?

In that case, yes, we do actually feel a little bad for Evans.

For the past several weeks, Jenelle has been recording videos and updating her (dozen or so) fans about her seemingly serious health condition.

She’s been telling them all about the severe neck and back pain she’s been experiencing,

In a video posted to her YouTube channel this week, Jenelle and her violent husband, David Eason, were en route to Durham, North Carolina because Jenelle had finally agreed to see a neurologist there for a second opinion on her alleged syrinx diagnosis.

(A syrinx is a fluid-filled cavity that develops in the spinal cord or in the brain stem or in both. It really can be painful and really can lead to long-term difficulties.)

In addition to neck pain, Evans says in the footage that her head is throbbing and she’s afraid she’s gonna throw up.

The disgraced ex-reality star powers through the pain, however, and jumps back in front of the camera after allegedly seeing this new doctor… and learning nothing new.

According to Jenelle, “nobody knows what’s going on” with her health crisis and she’s being “juggled around from doctor to doctor.”

She goes on to explain that her physician “thinks” she has “a lot of fluid” in her neck where her spine starts… and this is related to the nerve in the front of her face… which is causing the non-stop headaches.

Or something.

It’s hard for us to explain because it’s hard for Jenelle to explain in the video.

But she does emphasize that the doctor in Durham wants her to get steroid …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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