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Sony’s PlayStation is the most popular video game brand around. More than 100 million PlayStation 4s have been sold worldwide, and the PlayStation 5 is still selling out in stores months after release. Though PlayStation consoles are hard to find, you can snag plenty of deals on games and accessories right now.  

A library of more than 2,500 games — including exclusives like “God of War,” and “Marvel’s Spider-Man” — make PlayStation consoles a must-have for gamers of all types. The PS5 sets a new standard for gaming hardware, and Sony says it plans to continue supporting the PS4 for years to come. The PS5 also supports nearly every PS4 game, so gamers can transfer their library to the new console whenever it’s time to upgrade.

Below, we’ve collected the best deals on PlayStation consoles, games, and accessories. These discounts should all come in handy whether you’re picking up a PlayStation for the first time, building your library of games, or trying to find the cheapest price on a PlayStation peripheral.

Here are the best PlayStation deals for May 2021: 
for PlayStation 4 (medium)

Updated on 6/11/2021 by Eric Ravenscraft: Updated piece to reflect new discounts and removed deals that are no longer active. 

Best deals on PlayStation games

There are thousands of games available for PlayStation consoles, so we’ve chosen to focus on some of the most popular titles for both PS4 and PS5. Games also go on sale via the digital PlayStation storefront on a regular basis.

Right now, Sony is giving away more than a dozen PlayStation games as a part of its Play At Home event. The first batch of games includes indie titles like “Subnautica” and …read more

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