DEAR ABBY: I have been living with a secret for more than 17 years. I have a little sister and brother who think I’m their cousin.

Jeanne Phillips 

My father doesn’t want me to tell his wife or them the truth: He had an affair with my mother while he was engaged, and I was the result.

My father and I stopped talking a year ago. Since I no longer have to worry about disappointing him, I feel this is the right time to tell them.

What do you think? Can I tell them now and possibly start some type of relationship with them? They’re in their mid- to late 20s now.


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DEAR SECRET CHILD: Because your half-siblings are now adults, I see no reason why you must remain silent and continue to protect your father.

However, because you have not had a close relationship with them, I am cautioning you that your news may not be received warmly or regarded as “good” news, particularly by their mother.

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